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Women in FinTech

We talked to a successful woman in the field who is not just a quota, but a committed entrepreneur in the men's domain Fintech: Leitha Matz, COO at Fintech company Zuper in Munich. She lives in Berlin, where today's World Women's Day is a holiday.

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ID verification will develop quickly

Alexey Rubtsov, CEO of Zuper, talks to the TREND-REPORT editorial team about new international growth opportunities through the current acquisition of Verify-U AG.

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AI financial coach Zuper is becoming a bank

At the end of last week, Zuper, a provider of an artificial intelligence financial coaching app, announced the acquisition of the online ID service provider verify-U AG. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of October. Zuper wants to develop the services of verify-U further and maintain the location in Mainz-Kastel. But how does the planned acquisition fit into Zuper's core product?

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Be in control of your budgets with an app - Zuper in an interview

Robert Blessing explains more about Zuper in this interview.

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Digital4Her - the 10 finalists for the pitching session announced

Following the call for tech-startups that are led by women, 10 finalists have been invited to pitch during the session "Startups worth growing" as part of the Digital4Her event organized in Brussels on June 19th.

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Zuper - the smart financial assistant for all your bank accounts

With the financial App Zuper you can keep an eye on your finances and all your accounts, anytime, anywhere. It monitors all financial activities and helps you to understand your spending behavior better and easily control it through intelligent notifications.

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