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Why online shopping fucks up your wallet

Why online shopping fucks up your wallet

Having immediate access to everything on the internet, we are used to getting what we want anytime we want it.

It’s great, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although, such easy access to goods and services pushes us to buy more, therefore, exponential growth in online spending can be clearly seen in the last decade.

Not only it negatively affects the in-store retail shopping habits, but it can also fuck up your wallet pretty bad. What does it all mean?

Buying just for the sake of buying

How do we buy things online? Usually, the series of actions goes like this: see it, want it, press the button. Impulse shopping is not a great thing, and online shopping is based precisely on that.

Sales, special offers, limited time offers – all of it forces us to buy without even blinking. What is more, delivering of the purchased items may take quite a bit, and we often forget what we’ve ordered in the first place.

Also, if you end up getting a wrong size item or something that does not fully meet your expectations, there is a huge chance that you will not return it, which means the money is gone, but the urge to shop is still there.

You spend more

Paying with a credit card for online purchases is much easier than buying things in real life. Although, it is much trickier as well. Imagine yourself sitting on a sofa, scrolling through the Internet (no, I don’t have a hidden camera in your house) and suddenly seeing something you must have right now.

Do you check your balance and review your obligations before making a purchase? No, you press the button, and the money is gone. Whereas, in the shop, you are able to see the money that you are going to spend before making the action.

Or at least you need to take out your card and make a conscious effort to pay. What is more, if you have a particular amount dedicated to shopping, you can not physically exceed it. And then we think twice about running to the ATM and back to the store, just for this one piece.

Can I do something about it?

As a responsible human being, divide your monthly income into three categories: needs, wants, and savings. You can choose the percentages according to yourself, but we recommend 50%, 30%, and 20%.

Then, if you want to buy something online, always check your financial situation. A great way to control your spending online is following your budget on an app like Zuper. This allows you to feel in control of your budget and ensures that you don’t unpack the feeling of guilt together with your newest online purchase.

To sum up, online shopping empowers us to reach the number of goods and services previous generations couldn’t even have dreamt about. Although, it also brings a huge responsibility and puts pressure on us.

In order to not overspend, you have to control your budget fully, and – unfortunately – it might seem that it takes all the fun out of it. We have various online tools available at our fingertips, which can help us take the full control of our budget.

That way, you'll see exactly how much you’ve spent on online purchases this month, and whether you can buy one or the other bargain, or if you've already exceeded your budget. So why not take advantage of it?

Dina Djordjevic
Business Development Officer @Zuper. Creative writer and marketing lover trapped in a body of political scientist. In love with social media since 2008.
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