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Why mommy's should start investing

Why mommy's should start investing

Being a mom myself, I fully understand the struggle of getting back to work and managing your time between your family and responsibilities.

Investing is a great way to employ your spare money and ensure financial stability for your family’s future. You might be scared of investing because you don’t know anything about it. Well, how much do you know about your car’s engine? Allow me to assume, that you don’t have a degree in mechanics. Yet, you manage to drive your car just fine. The same with investing – once you try it, you will see – it’s not scary at all.

Sounds great. Where should I start?

Many people to this day believe that investing requires you to have a degree in finance. It is so not true! All you need to become an investor is opening an investing account, choosing the company to invest in and buying some stocks. You can do it yourself or hire someone to take care of it. It doesn’t sound too complicated, right? Let me say – having a baby is not a piece of cake, and if you managed to achieve that, investing is not something you should worry about!

If you are still dubious, let me walk you through the list of investment benefits for mommies (which I have experienced myself).

Investing allows you to achieve financial stability and freedom

Raising a baby, especially during the first couple of years, requires you to stay at home, which has a significant effect on your career and finances. Even after returning to work, your financial situation might not be so great as well – you can probably expect fewer salary increases because of the gap in your career. Therefore, it is important to find ways to ensure your financial stability and take extra good care of your financial situation. Investing is a perfect way to do that.

You can invest in what you know

One of the most interesting aspects of investing for me is the ability to choose products which I use daily (for myself or my baby) and invest in the companies who make them. Look around and check the products you love the most – wouldn’t it be truly great to own a small part of these companies yourself?

Investing allows you to earn money while staying at home

The main benefit and motivator for mommies to start investing is that it does not require you to leave the house (and your baby). I’ve heard a popular myth, that it requires you to be wealthy to invest. It might be true if you decide to invest in a property, but definitely is not the case when buying company shares. €1000 (or even less) can be a great starting point.

To sum up, the investment world can seem scary – it’s full of old myths and stereotypes, which might prevent you from exploring it. But trust me, when you experience the benefits of investing, you might find it silly that you were once scared of it.

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Dina Djordjevic
Business Development Officer @Zuper. Creative writer and marketing lover trapped in a body of political scientist. In love with social media since 2008.
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