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Peace of mind will help you to get better with money

Peace of mind will help you to get better with money

However, money is definitely connected with our happiness as it brings financial peace of mind – freedom from worrying about finances and the feeling of sufficiency.

Financial peace of mind allows you to feel secure and concentrate on other areas in life.

Let’s talk about how to achieve the peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Choose the Peace of Mind over Stress

The financial situation is one of the key pillars of our lives, whether we want it or not. Therefore, it is one of the main things people stress about. With the years, I clearly understood that stress, as well as the peace of mind, is a choice.

To put it simply – you get what you choose. And the more you practice it, the easier it gets.

Do Not Strive for Perfection

One of the biggest mistakes, causing stress and pushing us further away from our peace of mind, is seeking for perfection. This often leads to failures and more stress. Who would have thought?

In my experience, it is key to find a healthy balance that works for you. And it works best if you manage to achieve it in all areas of your life – working, living, relationships, and, certainly, finances.

Take Control Over Your Finances

Don’t go with the flow – take care of your finances. Starting now. Instead of punishing yourself for your financial situation, create an actionable plan for how to improve it.

To get full control of your finances, you have to monitor it periodically – let’s say, once a week. Take some time each week to look through your income and expenses and see if everything is going according to the plan.

Money management apps like Zuper can help you monitor your income, spending patterns and make your life so much easier.

Share Insights with Your Partner

I don’t get why financial topics are still such a taboo to talk about, especially with people you are in a close relationship with. Your financial situation is inseparable from your relationship and unsolved financial problems can negatively affect your relationship in a lot of ways.

Being on the same page and knowing each other’s financial situation is extremely important in order to achieve financial peace of mind. It is also essential to have someone to be accountable to, when it comes to your financial habits.

Let it Go

Being a grown-up does not necessarily mean that you grow out of the “I need it now!” mindset. This mindset is usually oriented to short-term goals only and won’t allow for peace of mind.

On the contrary, when the initial purchase induced “happiness” wears of, you might feel even worse than before.

One way to end this cycle, leading to financial imbalance, is to practice resistance to urges and pausing for a while. If you catch yourself taking out your wallet, pause yourself and leave the purchase for tomorrow.

Money has a tendency to slip away really fast, so it’s important to take full control of it. The key to financial peace of mind is focusing on your financial goals instead of wants and taking control of your finances.

By clearly defining what you want to achieve, monitoring your financial health and finding time to discuss it with your loved one, you will be getting closer to financial peace of mind.

Leitha Matz
FinTech COO. Startup Mentor. Woman in Tech. I spend a lot of time thinking about technology products and user experience, and I love stupid puns.
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