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How to travel on a budget?

How to travel on a budget?

By seeing different destinations, meeting new people and dealing with unpredictable situations, you are able to see yourself from the whole different angle as well. Traveling is really worth the investment.

While that does sound great on paper, traveling can become quite expensive. Flights, accommodation, food – it can all add up to a more substantial sum.

Experienced budget travelers would probably have a good laugh about this. Technology has made traveling on a budget more accessible than ever: we have all the information we need as long as we stay connected to the internet.

You can go online to find lots of like-minded people to discuss your plans with, discover the best travel destinations and routes, and get anywhere you want at a very reasonable price (even when you are a student or a recent graduate).

Read on to find my 4 best travel planning tricks.

1. Travel off-peak and off-the-beaten-path

This is something so simple to achieve, yet the difference it makes is unbelievable. Staying away from the most popular travel destinations will allow you to see the beauty of the places, almost untouched by the invasion of tourists, and help you save money. Big time.

2. Stay away from paid entertainment

Traveling on a budget simplifies the concept of entertainment to the absolute essentials.

But believe me – no movie ticket, paid museum entrance or other entertainment you need to pay for will be worth it, compared to the free traveling treasures – exciting walking routes, hidden gem discoveries, and unforgettable adventures.

3. Explore the apps

You wouldn’t believe, how many apps have been created to help you achieve your dreams. The sharing economy, combined with advanced technology, creates a great mix of opportunities and freedom for young people to see the world on a budget.

Get the best insights from locals and fellow travelers, including accommodation, transportation, and meals. Check out Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Citymapper, Yelp, and similar apps.

And apps like Zuper make it even easier to make sure you don’t overspend on the wrong things. They are also instrumental when you’re still saving up for your next trip!

4. Do some work

While traveling, especially for a longer period of time, you can find yourself a temporary job, which will help you pay for your further explorations.

Many people all around the world are in need for someone to look after their houses (and often pets) while they are on vacation. What I hear is free accommodation, a starting point to explore the place, living like a local, and a furry friend to tell your stories to.

Usually, anywhere you go, there are many other short-term jobs available as well. Also, maybe you have a set of skills that could allow you to work as a freelancer while traveling? Definitely think about it.

A soon as you let go of the package holiday concept and allow yourself to explore other options, traveling on a budget seems quite reasonable, right? Good luck discovering the world – it has never been easier!

Dina Djordjevic
Business Development Officer @Zuper. Creative writer and marketing lover trapped in a body of political scientist. In love with social media since 2008.
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