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How much does your baby's first year of life really costs?

How much does your baby's first year of life really costs?

New parents are melting down selecting the beautiful baby clothes, but often forget to take a constructive look into their financial situation. The tendency shows that despite your financial situation, you are probably going to spend a lot more during your baby’s first year than you could have imagined.

Do not underestimate the costs you might face. Even if your financial situation is balanced and you don’t live from paycheck to paycheck, it’s better to know what you will be facing in advance.

Do your homework

What is the easiest way to get started? Take a look around – you probably know at least a few people, who have already experienced parenthood. Talk to them and learn how much their baby’s first year cost. The biggest problem you might experience is that everyone’s answers will be in the opposite ends of the spectrum. Therefore, it might be wiser to take the things into your own hands and start counting. I experienced that Apps like Zuper can be pretty helpful, as they can help you setting up budgets your might need for your new family member.

Clothing, nursery and gear

What a new mom usually does to express her bursting positive emotions? She goes to find the most exclusive clothing items for her baby. Unfortunately, after the shopping spree, most of these items get stacked in your storage and never see the daylight. In my honest opinion, baby clothes are not something worth investing too much into. The baby grows out of them almost as soon as you put them on, so I personally see no point in splurging on it. On the other hand, it might be worth investing in quality baby gear, such as a car seat and nursery items. All in all, having €2000 for the initial baby gear and clothing seems to be a reasonable amount.

Diaper Gear

When calculating diaper costs, new parents tend to forget other items that come with it: creams, lotions, powders and wipes. Diaper gear might cost approximately €50 a month, €600 for a year for one child. In order to save on diapers, you can opt for reusable cloth diaper, which is also better for the environment, but that is definitely up to you.

Nursing and Feeding

Ideally, all your baby needs during the first year of its life is breast milk. Although, you should not forget the expenses for maternity bras, creams and other items that make the process of breastfeeding much easier. Therefore, you should expect €200-€400 additional expenses for nursing equipment. In case breast feeding is not possible, add the cost of formula – approximately €1000-€2000 for the first year (depending on the type used).

Child care

Many families, especially the ones who don’t have their relatives living nearby, might need occasional child care services. The costs can vary a lot there, but definitely have that in mind when planning your baby’s first year budget.

To sum up, many new parents don’t expect how much the first year of their baby will cost. Simple budget planning in advance can help you save a lot of nerves. Also, after a child is born, it is important to be conscious enough not to overspend on items, which make no difference to the baby’s health and wellbeing. If you are going to have a baby shower, you will probably receive many of the initial baby gear and clothing items as gifts. This can relieve the financial burden quite a bit!

Dina Djordjevic
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